7-10 October 2021

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The festival’s film selection and program will be announced in September 2021. Stay informed about RIFF’s activities by subscribing to REAKTOR’s newsletter or following our social media accounts.

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Geblergasse 40
1170 Vienna, Austria

RIFF #4 | October 2021

With its fourth edition REAKTOR will continue to present films from all over the world. Four days of screenings will display hidden jewels, rebels without a cause, monstrous abysses, heartbreaking beauty.
Three awards will honour filmmakers in fundamental elements of film - screenplay, editing and direction.

RIFF Awards

It gives us great pleasure to congratulate the winners of the RIFF Awards for their works. The Best Screenplay Award goes to Vahid Alvandifar’s dark comedy Cover about a surprising resurrection, the narration of which captivates through its timeless universal quality. The jury has awarded Best Editing to 1982 by Lucas Gallo, a smart and highly topical reflection on media mechanisms in war, based on gripping contemporary footage of the Falklands War. Best Director has been awarded to A Small Insignificant Love by Larisa Crunteanu for its complex interwoven plot levels, sensitive handling of its protagonists, and light-hearted approach to a popular reality TV format.

Director’s Statement | 2020

“After two wonderful editions of the RIFF, we are now looking to raise the bar by extending the RIFF acronym from ‘REAKTOR Indian Film Festival’ to ‘REAKTOR International Film Festival’, broadening our catchment area to the world as a whole. As a major player in the film world, India will of course continue to play a pivotal role in the Film Festival, albeit now embedded in world cinema. Particular emphasis will be on young independent productions. Our selection of films will remain entirely free from any pressure from distributors or producers and guided solely by what Konstantin Sergeievich Stanislavski might have referred to as: ‘Верю’ “Bernhard Kammel, director of REAKTOR & RIFF